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Fastems is a leading manufacturer of solutions for the automation of production, material transport and digitization on CNC machine tools, as well as other related processes. Fastems offers consulting services in the field of material transport as well as in a flexible manufacturing system and automation solutions based on industrial robots, production control software, portal and crane systems. In practice, their ability to provide world-class software and hardware is based on many years of experience and efforts to use the opportunities offered by the latest technologies and digitization. Regardless of whether it is the automation of a single machine tool or a complete production line management system, Fastems in a wide machining industry is involved in creating new business models, helping you win the market, performance and talented professionals. Fastems goal: Digitization and automation are key factors affecting the profitability of production in every country in the world, and their customers trust Fastems as a provider of innovative solutions.


  • Fastems will solve any problems related to material handling around the CNC machine,
  • Fastems will provide complete consulting services related to material handling and increasing efficiency,
  • Fastems optimizes the use of production capacity on CNC machines,
  • Fastems will solve the problems of manual removal of sharp edges (deburring) after machining on CNC machines,
  • Fastems supports in the optimization of production planning, effectively introduces and visualizes them,
  • If the Customer uses a large number of Fastems tools will solve the problem of their management,
  • Fastems supports during maintenance work in the field of CNC machine tools,
  • Fastems will help its clients reduce labor costs,
  • Fastems will maximize the utilization of production equipment


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